Shinkamigoto Guide Book “LET’S TAKE A SHORT TRIP”


・エリア: 新上五島町 

・ジャンル: 観光情報  Foreign Language 



おすすめ  観光  グルメ 



  • Welcome to Shinkamigoto!
    Discover new excitement on this island of prayer and healing!
    Come enjoy Shinkamigoto Town, where you'll find beautiful soothing natural scenery, churches built when the prohibition against Christianity was abolished by Christians who had sustained their beliefs in secret,unique traditions linked to the history and nature tohfe island, and countless stories from its history.

    *Play by the sea
    *Experience the soothing power of nature
    *Take a journey through the hustory of a secret faith
    and other

    Shinkamigoto Guide Book "LET’S TAKE A SHORT TRIP"

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